A tree is a tall plant with a trunk and branches made of wood. Trees can live for many years. The four main parts of a tree are the roots, the trunk, the branches, and the leaves. The roots of a tree are usually under the ground. However, this is not always true. The roots of the mangrove tree are often under water or on the sides of cliffs. A single tree has many roots. The roots carry nutrients and water from the ground through the trunk and branches to the leaves of the tree. They can also breathe in air. The trunk is the main body of the tree. The trunk is covered with bark which protects it from damage. Branches grow from the trunk. They spread out so that the leaves can get more sunlight. The trunk also sways slightly in the wind to prevent it from falling over. In botany, a tree is a perennial plant with an elongated stem, or trunk, supporting branches and leaves in most species. Trees tend to be long-lived, some reaching several thousand years old. Trees have been in existence for 370 million years. It is estimated that there are just over 3 trillion mature trees in the world. A tree typically has many secondary branches supported clear of the ground by the trunk. This trunk typically contains woody tissue for strength, and vascular tissue to carry materials from one part of the tree to another. For most trees it is surrounded by a layer of bark which serves as a protective barrier. Below the ground, the roots branch and spread out widely; they serve to anchor the tree and extract moisture and nutrients from the soil. Above ground, the branches divide into smaller branches and shoots. The shoots typically bear leaves, which capture light energy and convert it into sugars by photosynthesis, providing the food for the tree's growth and development.

Importance of Trees

Trees are our best friends because they clean the air we breathe. Likewise, they also clean the water and soil and ultimately make the earth a better place. It is also a fact that people who live near trees are healthier, fit, and happier than people who do not. Moreover, it is our responsibility to look after our friends who serve us in many ways. Most importantly by saving plants, we are not doing any favor to plants but to ourselves only. Because trees and plants life does not depend on us but our lives depend on them. Trees are important to us in a lot of ways and we cannot ignore their importance. They are important because they give us fresh air to breathe, food to eat and shelter/shade from sunlight and rainfall. Besides this, there are many medicines in the market that are made up of trees extracts. Apart from this, there are plants and trees that have medicinal value. They bring peacefulness; create a pleasing and relaxing environment. Also, they help in reflecting the harmful rays of the sun and maintaining a balanced temperature. Besides, they also help in water conservation and preventing soil erosion. They also manage the ecosystem and from ancient times several varieties of plants are worshipped.

Benefits and Values of Trees

Trees provide us many benefits some of which we can’t see but they make a huge difference. They help in fighting back the climate changes by absorbing greenhouse gases which are the main cause of climate change. Moreover, they replenish groundwater and filter the air from harmful pollutants and odors. Besides, they are a great source of food and the king of fruits ‘Mango’ also grow on trees. Moreover, they are the cause of rainfall as they attract clouds towards the surface and make them rain. They can be teachers, playmates and a great example of unity in diversity. Above all, they are a good source of reducing air, water, and noise pollution. When a seed of a plant or tree grow it makes the area around it greener. Also, it supports many life forms. Birds make their nests, many reptiles and animals live on it or near it. To conclude, we can say that trees are very important and beneficial for every life form on earth. Without them, the survival of life on earth will become difficult and after some time every species starts to die because of lack of oxygen on the planet. So, to save our lives and to survive we have to learn the importance of trees and also have to teach our children the importance of trees.