Download the app on your phone or tablet.

Edii is available for download on Google Play store for Android devices and on Apple Store for iOS devices.

Once the school is registered for our solution and the data of the student is provided to us, we will be updating it on to our solution. And we will share the access details for the solution with you, for regular day to day activity.

Post which, parents can view their child’s data on the registered mobile device, which was shared by School.


Edii App

Using Edii get information about your child daily activities in the school.

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One App to know about your child's school activities.

Page-based Features

Edii looks/works the same on all the devices
so, Next time you change your phone, Edii will feel the same

Built for Ease

Edii ensures ease of access
You can use Edii with thumb, Try it out

Getting started with the app.

Step 1.

Download the app

Download Edii for parents from Google Play store for Android Devices or from Apple Store for iOS devices. You will see a new icon with the name Edii on your phone.

Get it on Play Store Get it on App Store

Step 2.

Access the app

Click on the Edii icon on your phone to launch the application to access your child's detail.


Step 3.

Log on to the app

On the login prompt, provide the registered number and the students roll number to log on to the application. In case, if an incorrect detail is provided an error message pops up saying, "Validation Failed - Please check the details you have entered."

Edii login page


Once you are logged in you can review your child recent mark sheet, attendance, events organised in School, etc.

Edii home page


We do not make any changes to the data until it is asked by the school.


This app is dependant on the fact that School continuosly uses the app and updates the data on it on timely basis.