Sleek, Powerful & Easy

Edii is available on AppStore and PlayStore


Edii App

Using Edii get information about your child daily activities in the school.


One App to know about your child's school activities.

Bio-Metric Attendance

Use EDII to get Bio-Metric Security and get instant updates

Instant Information

Use EDII to get Instant Update about your student


Edii(for Schools) ensures that your school is online with One-Click-Run feature

Edii(for School) is made with the latest stack of technology, so it runs fast even on slow-internet.
Contact us to schedule a quick demo. You will love it!

Schools can do it all with Edii

  • Design

    Edii is Simple

  • User

    Edii works on one device at a time only.

  • Management

    Edii Manages the fees for you. You can also use for Bus Tracking

  • Cloud

    No data is saved on your phone.

Sign up with Edii today, and get the below features

Fees Module

Fees Management Module

Using Edii, Pay fees in one click. School can view the fees in the dashboard.


Bus Tracking

Using Edii, Parents can track the school vehicle online.


Send instant notifications

Using Edii, Send instant notification to the parents.


Promote School

Using Edii, Parents can share the school authorized information on social media.


Contact School

Using Edii, Parents can contact school in one click



Using Edii, Parents can view marksheet, view attendance, check events of the school